VIDEO: VW Golf + Hayabusa engine = Holy Crap!

The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the fastest things I have ever seen in motion. A friend riding his was in front of me once at a stop, and the road ahead of him was long, straight, and wide open. The only way to describe how it looked from my car was "Millenium Falcon makes the jump to hyperspace." And to think, his was only mildly tuned.

The 'Busa's 1300cc engine is strong enough to see duty in cars, too. The Westfield Megabusa immediately leaps to mind, and the German Car Blog has tipped us off to another example of Hayabusa-powered four-wheeled fun courtesy of the madmen at H.R. Engineering in Essex.

These guys have taken a Mk1 VW Golf, converted it to rear-wheel-drive, and dropped a turbocharged, 350-horsepower Hayabusa mill under the hood. It looks like a ton of fun, sounds completely evil, and its acceleration is, well... rather brisk, as you'll see in the pair of vids embedded after the jump.

Chewy... PUNCH IT!

[Source: H.R. Engineering, YouTube via German Car Blog]

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