Can-Am Spyder - View our gallery and visit their site, now live!

Our recent post with information from AutoblogGreen's ongoing coverage of three-wheeled transportation alternatives has received a lot of attention. With that in mind, we bring you additional coverage, this time of the Can-Am Spyder. AutoblogGreen has a few details of the design on their site, but for our Autoblog readers, we'll focus on the performance aspects of such a machine.

The engine is rumored to be similar to the 60 degree V-Twin powering Aprilia sportbikes. Aprilia, in turn, is rumored to be focusing R&D on a new engine of their own design, which would leave the door open for Can-Am to use the Rotax-designed engine in their own vehicles. The 697 lbs. vehicles should have well over 100 horsepower at the rear wheels, making its power to weight ratio particularly admirable. What's more, the handling should be similarly stellar, making good use of those wide tires on three contact patches and expected traction control and ABS brakes.

Well over 100 horsepower at the rear-wheels. Less than 700 pounds dry. Interested? Save up $15 thousand and wait until April, when dealers will get their first stocks.

[Source: Autobloggreen]

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