Police in Oz hope Hummers will curb "antisocial behavior"

Question: What's more intimidating than a group of Australian Police roaming the streets in search of drunken party-goers? Answer: Aussie Police driving Hummer H3s with the same intent... supposedly. The Hummers in question were provided by the General in all-black before getting custom livery from the authorities, complete with a blue-and-red flashing light bar on top. Police hope to be a bit more conspicuous in the SUVs, which will be prowling the nightclub districts in Melbourne. There may be a few problems with this scheme, as there will only be five such vehicles making the rounds and they are only equipped with the standard five-cylinder powerplant.

We think the Police should have visited another side of the General and raided the Holden parts bin for flat-black Mad Max-style Police cars made from the HSV W427. For added attention, a straight-through set of true duals with Cherry Bombs would surely make these mean machines stand out from the crowd much more than a few Hummers with their measly inline-five engines. Seriously, which would you rather meet in a drunken state after a night out partying?

[Source: Drive.com.au via Next Autos]

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