Class Clown: Lamborghini smoking accessories

Smoking cigars. It conjures images of wood-lined, quilted-leather private clubs and back-room deals brokered with a hand-shake between captains of industry and diplomats. Though tobacco may be taboo in modern society, cigars still have an air of class about them. At least until Lamborghini got involved.

While we're all for automotive-themed products, especially those of the finely-crafted variety, this seems to take things too far. Made by Tonino Lamborghini (think of it as Sant'Agata's Porsche Design), this range of lighters and cigar cutters, in our view, infuses the flashy, fast-paced Lamborghini image into a realm where it doesn't belong. Maybach can get away with slapping their badge on a smoker's set. Even Porsche Design manages to carry it off with a degree of class. But as much as we like Lamborghini's fantastic sportscars, when our first-born child arrives, we'll take a pass on these.

UPDATE: The good folks at Lamborghini have informed us that, despite using the same name and logo, Tonino Lamborghini is in fact no longer affiliated with Automobili Lamborghini. Our appologies for any confusion.

[Source: eLighters via CarScoop]

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