Create a bullish brew with the Lamborghini Coffee Maker

One of the inevitable aspects of press days during major auto shows is high octane coffee. Internet based automotive journalists tend to spend their show days running back and forth between press conferences and the media center to crank out stories and galleries. In order to achieve the kind of output we do requires fuel, which is often provided by double espressos produced at some of the major automakers show stands or the media lounge.
Along with coffee, we of the Autoblog community also have an appreciation for insanely fast Italian cars. Now the creators of cars that are generally named for various breeds of bulls have also applied their name to a high end espresso machine. Like the motorized variants the Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine, will be built in a limited run of 1,000 units and it won't be inexpensive at a price of about $1750. No word yet on just how fast this machine can fill a demi-tasse.

[Source: Lamborghini via Winding Road]

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