Only the best to go along with your Maybach

Thanks to Dunhill, maker of various tobacco products, cigar aficionados need not fret about a lack of stuff to smoke in their Maybach. Dunhill's Maybach Smoker's Set comes complete with a leather-trimmed travel humidor, lighter and cigar cutter capable of being operated with one hand (because that makes trimming your cigar and driving at the same time safe, of course). Though if you have a Maybach, chances are you don't want the snipped-off end tumbling down into one of those cramped niches where French fries end up in the kinds of cars the rest of us drive, so that idea may be a non-starter. At any rate, we're not sure how much the package costs, but if you can afford a Maybach, chances are you don't care.

Thanks to Noah for the tip.

[Source: via Luxist]

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