Monterey 2008: Concorso Italiano takes flight

Click image above for high-res gallery from Concorso Italiano 2008

The festivities continue around the Monterey Peninsula. We've already shown you pics from Gordon McCall's party and from the Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance, but today's coverage picks up an Italian accent. The Concorso Italiano is one of the largest annual gatherings of all things Italian, be it music, cuisine, fashion, tourism, and of course cars. Previously held at the nearby Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey Bay, this year's gathering took place at the Marina municipal airstrip. Just like the past 20-something years, this year's Concorso brought out some stunning examples of Italy's finest, cars designed with passione and intended to be driven con brio. And just like in previous years, a few non-Italian cars that bring that same driving thrill were invited in for the party.

While the tarmac didn't offer the same soft picnic grove as the golf course, the organizers tried their best to make up for it with plenty of shady tents to visit filled with vendors, food and fun. Concorso has always been more laid back than some of the other judged events during the week, and even with the slightly more rigid airport setting there was still a feeling that you were at more of a car club meet than a genuine concours. Check out the gallery by clicking one of the images here and you'll hopefully see what we mean. The usual Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Alfas were joined by a bunch of Lancias, DeTomasos, Fiats, and a smattering of "others" that included German, Japanese, American, and British cars. Our favorite stop was the supercar lineup that featured two MC12s, two Veyrons, an Enzo and an F50. We even spotted Valentino Balboni, Adam Corolla and Jay Leno while we were there. Click away and enjoy.

Vintage Maseratis
  • Vintage Maseratis
New F-Class
  • New F-Class
Twin-Turbo Gallardo Spyder
  • Twin-Turbo Gallardo Spyder
Lamborghini 350 and 400GTs
  • Lamborghini 350 and 400GTs
  • Countaches
  • Maranellos
Ferrari 308s
  • Ferrari 308s
Packers fan or John Deere parade car?
  • Packers fan or John Deere parade car?
Classic Ferrari V12s
  • Classic Ferrari V12s
Ferrari Specials
  • Ferrari Specials
Ferrari 308 in rare verde
  • Ferrari 308 in rare verde
Gumpert Apollo and Yes!
  • Gumpert Apollo and Yes!
Lancia Lane
  • Lancia Lane
Alfa 164s
  • Alfa 164s
LeMons survivor
  • LeMons survivor
Lambo Loop
  • Lambo Loop
Family Classics Ferrari for sale
  • Family Classics Ferrari for sale
Stage lineup
  • Stage lineup
personal sub
  • personal sub
Early periscope Countach
  • Early periscope Countach
BMW 328s
  • BMW 328s
911 evolution
  • 911 evolution
Maserati Ghiblis
  • Maserati Ghiblis
Miura Jota clone
  • Miura Jota clone
DeTomaso Drive
  • DeTomaso Drive
  • Daytona

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