Monterey 2008: Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival

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For more than a decade, Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival party has kicked off the Pebble Beach weekend in style. The event brings together the who's who of the automotive world, and guests are wined and dined alongside some of the world's most impressive machinery. The display of automobiles was particularly exceptional this year with an incredible collection of supercars and priceless classic. Jim Glickenhaus was kind enough to bring out his one-off Pininfarina P4/5 that was displayed alongside a Ferrari Formula 1 car, and we were treated to a pair of Bugatti Veyrons as well as two Koenigsegg CCXs, not to mention a 1-of-20 Lamborghini Reventon. We were also able to make an interesting comparison of the brand new Corvette ZR1 and a Pratt and Miller C6RS that sat back to back. We made sure to take plenty of photographs, and you can browse through them in the high-resolution gallery below.

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