New electric car coming from Fosh Automotive in three days?

UPDATE: read about the FOSH hoax here. Also, links to FOSH have been removed

These days, radical claims concerning new alternative and green vehicles are flying rampant, with Shelby Supercars, Ronn Motors and now FOSH Automotive all making semi-announcements. Fosh Automotive? Yeah, we hadn't hear of them either before now, but they are making some outrageous claims on their website. To wit:

" In our pursuit to completely reinvent the auto industry, we are going to make one hell of a run at making the world a better place. Can we give you a little hint? Well, our lawyers have given us specific guidelines in which we must not deviate from. Off the record: It could be the first unlimited mileage, electric car. This said car might have a revolutionary, self-regenerating battery system. This car would have some of the sexiest curves and doesn't resemble any electric car you have ever seen. Oh, and best of all, what would you say if you could buy this car for under $25,000?"

Any time a brand-new company claims it will reinvent the auto industry, eyes roll. After all, it takes years of development and tons of money just to get a single new car off the ground. We suspect that the company has some new technology to deliver, and an internet search provides a few possible hints. For instance, PetroZero quotes a company source as saying, "There are solar type panels throughout (none visible) the car, that will turn heat into energy."

Our tipster links us to this article on Engadget which introduces a new technology from The Idaho National Laboratory, which is "composed of tiny gold antennas set in polyethylene plastic is tuned to gather 80 percent of energy from infrared rays" and can therefore produce electricity from any source of heat. An unlimited-range EV for less than $25K? We're intrigued, and so we wait until August 18 when the company says it will show its cards. Thanks for the tip, Sam!

[Source: FOSH Automotive]

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