Shelby SuperCars building worlds fastest electric car?

Shelby SuperCars, the American company behind the Ultimate Aero, the worlds fastest gas-powered production car (pictured above), has announced they will unveil the worlds fastest electric car, the Ultimate Aero EV in February of 2009. They say they won't wait years to release it to a salivating public either, giving Q4 2009 as a delivery date. They say it will have an "exotic Supercar exterior" but all engineering details are being closely held for now. The little bit they did say about the drivetrain makes us question whether or not the whole project is some sort of joke. Perhaps its just a typo. SSC claims it will feature twin 500 hp electric motors powered by a battery that won't need a charge for several years. Seriously.

If they do want to be the fastest, they will need that 1000 hp to surpass the amazing Eliica. That 8-wheeled wonder can hang with the Tesla under acceleration until the Roadster tops out around 120 and then continue on to reach 230 mph. Its secret is an 80 hp motor mounted behind each wheel. If SSC is serious about doing it "faster, leaner and cleaner than any other manufacturer", we'll let you know.

Correction: Changed six years to several years. Thanks Joseph!

[Source: Shelby SuperCars]

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