Fosh Automotive = Hoax (and an anti-Barack Obama one at that)

OK, so FOSH got our attention last week by kinda, sorta promising the sky when it comes to green car dreams. But, reading their words again, it's painfully obvious that all of the "mights" and "coulds" in that announcement were important for the smokescreen that these jokers were readying. Their first self-imposed deadline came and went without any real information and a second deadline announced for last night. What happened? Here's what ABG reader Dave wrote to us last night:

OK, So I thought I would check out the unveiling at FOSH Automotive that was to happen tonight at 9:00pm CST. At about 10 minutes past they put up a page on the website of an aborted fetus and ranted and raved about Obama. FOSH automotive is a total hoax, scam, you name it. Who ever is internet savvy should report them to their webhosts and have the site pulled down. I don't know how to go about this - otherwise I'd do it

It's true, the new FOSH site (which I'm hesitant to link to so as to avoid giving them even more publicity) is an anti-Obama, anti-abortion rant. Here's what the site's writers have to say now:

Disclaimer - We are a real business, but we do not operate under "Fosh Automotive". We are not associated with any business, website, or person that promoted this site. All information found on our site is of our opinion. Also, there is an unintentional error in our domain registry information and the number listed is a digit off. In this article we will also explain what we will be doing with the email list we have for our "testers".

For those that believe we are pulling a hoax, you're dead wrong. The real hoax is barack hussein obama and we are trying to make the world a better place by showing you how easy some people fall for what they want to believe. The United States of America, without the socialist, entitlement supporting, flip-flopping, lying, checkered past barack hussein obama as our leader, is better off, as is the world.

It goes on from there. Read on after the jump to find out what FOSH will do with all of the names/emails of people who signed up with them. Hint: it's got nothing to do with cars.

[Source: FOSH website]

So, FOSH suckered a lot of people into giving them their email addresses under false pretenses. Here's what will happen next, apparently:

For every email we received, "tester list" included, we will donate $5 to SPCA and $2 to the John McCain campaign. Also, for every post on our forum and even those that will be posted in the future, we will donate 25 cents to Jonh's [sic] campaign. Here is a big "FU" to the media that is too scared to challenge BHO or any candidate for that matter.

This brings up a question for us here at AutoblogGreen. Our friend Bo sent in this note:

Hi Guys, I would suggest you remove that posts about FOSH. Their scam worked. Google is full of articles about them with their URL, and unsuspecting EV enthusiasts will be visiting their propaganda site for years to come. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

We do not remove posts from our archive. Still, we'd like to hear from those of you who know something about how links and Google's cache work about ways to minimize the impact that this scam has on people who care about cleaner transportation. It seems to me that the best idea is to get the news of the hoax out by making posts like this one come to the top of the search results, right? In any case, remember to keep your skepticism radar on when someone promises the sky.

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