Triac tryouts to begin this October, deliveries in November

A little while back we told you about a $20,000 highway-speed electric car promised for the American market by Green Vehicles called the Triac. It seems, as with every other electric car program (except, so far, Aptera), that the launch has been delayed and now a new estimated delivery schedule has been posted on their website. While the company informs us that test drives from the San Jose showroom can be scheduled as of August 15th, the actual driving won't occur until after October 15th. According to the update the first deliveries to customers already in their queue will begin in October as well. The company hopes to produce at least 50 vehicles a month to start and raise their output to between 100 to 200 in the second quarter of 2009.

You may not have to travel all the way to Northern California for your Triac tryout for too long either. Company president, Ehab Youssef informs us that they've received interest from over 100 dealers. Of course, if you are not fortunate to be located near one of the soon-to-be-chosen retailers, the company says they can deliver throughout the lower forty-eight states though that will cost extra. We will try to keep you apprised of any further developments as we wait for our own bit of quality wheel time. Thanks to Matthew for the tip!

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[Source: Green Vehicles]

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