The Phoenix all electric SUT was officially launched on 03/01 at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles

I won't delve into the details of the Phoenix SUT, as they have been covered here before. The basics are that this is an electric vehicle that will act just like any other four door pickup truck for 130 miles at a time between charges. I am seriously considering getting one when I replace my current pickup truck.

If you are interested in one of these for yourself, you will be happy to hear that the official launch of the SUT has taken place in California. I wasn't in attendance, but David Anderson over at Green Options was there and gave his personal observations after riding in the vehicle. Check it out!

Also, Ecorazzi ran a little piece on the unveiling as well, and highlighted Ed Begley Jr. and his wife at the event. Daryl Hannah was also in attendance and they spoke with her too. A detail that I found very interesting and telling was that Phoenix Motorcars is trading their zero emissions credits to other automakers for a price break on their own pickups! That is really great, I think, as it brings the option of owning a zero emission electric vehicle to people (like me) who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. Plus, it helps make up the lack of mass-production savings that Phoenix cannot enjoy as a small vehicle manufacturer.

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[Source: Phoenix Motorcars via Green Options and Ecorazzi]

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