VIDEO: New Triac highway speed electric car available now?

Is there a new three-wheeled highway-capable electric car about to emerge from "stealth mode"? We believe so and we have the video to prove it. As our faithful readers well know, we have been following the lengthy development of other three-wheeled vehicles like the Aptera and the VentureOne very closely as they are being prepared to enter the market. We haunt their forums, dig through their dumpsters monitor their websites and read their press releases. However, the Triac, like the mythical Planet X approaching the Earth from the South pole in time to wreak disaster on December 21st of the Mayan calender time-ending year of 2012, seems to be appearing out of nowhere and may be about to make a huge splash as it enters the orbit of the electric car-craving American public. At least it is if we are to believe the claims made in the commercial that we dug up on YouTube.

Here is what we know. Ehab Youssef got tired of choking on ZAP vapor, took matters into his own hands and is now about to show them how it's done. His company, Green Vehicles (which recently moved from their retail Los Gatos location to a larger San Jose space according to a report in the Los Gatos Observer), will be offering a 144V lithium ion-powered vehicle (most likely sourced from China but with some work done here) capable of 70 mph with a 120 mile range, with tandem seating starting at $19,995. Although the video states "Available now", there has not been an official announcement on their website yet but we expect one any day and will keep you posted. In the mean time, hit the jump to check out the slick commercial for this up-coming little beastie. As a bonus you can also see a video of a NEV that Green Vehicles will also be selling.

*Update: Thanks to reader, Bill, who pointed out that the seating isn't tandem.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: YouTube]

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