BMW considering a 3-wheeler, large scooters

Rumors from various European motorcycle mags indicate that BMW is considering getting back into the scooter game. The Bavarian company's last foray into scooterdom resulted in the C1. Being that this was BMW Motorrad, its scooter would need to be different from everyone else, and indeed it was. Featuring a full roof, roll bars and seat belts along with ABS brakes, BMW claimed that C1 riders were safe enough that they did not need to wear a helmet. Unfortunately, though, not everyone agreed and low sales numbers resulted in the innovative machine's cancellation in 2002. Now, BMW is said to be considering a three-wheeled machine, which could allay some of the safety fears which ultimately led to the demise of the C1.

Rotax is also rumored to be involved, offering an 80 degree, four-valve per cylinder, liquid-cooled, V-Twin engine in three different sizes and ranging from 33 to 75 horsepower. The machine is said to retain the C1's windshield and roof and add BMW's paralever rear suspension design. BMW: You've got our attention, now please don't disappoint.

[Source: Visor Down]

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