VW says no to Defiant Motors: GX3 coffin nailed shut for good

Click image for a gallery of the VW GX3 concept

Back in April, we reported on Defiant Motors' grassroots effort to resurrect the canceled Volkswagen GX3 program. The GX3, you'll remember, is a three-wheeler the German automaker debuted at the 2006 L.A. Auto show. Speculation that the GX3, technically a motorcycle, was on its way to production was fueled by spy photos showing prototypes undergoing testing. In the end, VW nixed the project, citing legal concerns over bringing the vehicle to market in a lawsuit-happy environment.

Enter Defiant Motors, which was formed in the hopes that it could partner with VW to market the GX3 under the Defiant moniker, allowing the startup to handle the task of educating consumers that the GX3 is, in fact, a motorcycle. In an update posted to DefiantMotors.com yesterday, founder Aaron Mady notified visitors that Volkswagen gave Defiant's proposal a full review but decided not to move forward with the effort. This effectively brings a close to the saga of the VW GX3, a vehicle that will likely go down as one of the great concepts to never come to fruition. Kudos to Aaron Mady and his supporters for their efforts to make the GX3 a reality.

[Source: Defiant Motors]

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