British PM vows to replace armored Jaguar with electric limo

Big news: another politician has made an open-ended commitment with little way of seeing it through. In this week's episode, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown -- who previously committed to switch his Vauxhall for a Prius but then went for the V8 Jag once he got into office -- told local newspaper the Sunday Mirror that he'd give his armor-plated Jaguar the boot and replace it with an electric vehicle as his official mode of ground transportation.

Well that's nice, but we can hardly imagine the world leader being driven around in a Prius or a G Wiz, especially when a Downing Street spokesman points out that, "A new vehicle for the PM must meet security requirements like special strengthening and bullet-proof glass." Somewhere, somebody's got to be testing the impact of weighing down a Lexus LS600h with iron plates and reinforced glass.

[Source: Sunday Mirror via All Cars, All the Time]

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