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Japan's prime minister has a lead foot, apparently. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently had a photo op with Toyota's first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, even getting behind the wheel for a spin (no chauffeur for him, so much respect on our part). His primary impression was that the car had great pickup, before settling on the more politically correct view of noting the vehicle's lack of emissions.


There have always been rumors surrounding Ferrari. But most of those rumors have revolved around its road cars, if not its Formula One operations: that the company is planning to build this type of car or that, that the team is planning to hire this driver or that one. But this one rumor that has only grown with time revolves around the company's affable chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

A plan recently unearthed to de-seat the former British prime minister has got Volvo all in a tizzy. And it all comes down to image.

Jeremy Clarkson has been a staunch critic against, well, almost everything. His weekly editorials at the Times (occasionally peppered with a car review) have given Jezza a mouthpiece to rant and rave against everything from environmental degradation to speed cameras, and he's secured an ardent fan-base while doing so. Some people even take him seriously, which has spawned a page at the Government's Petition website where close to 15,000 people have pledged that Clarkson should take the helm by b

Australian Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has stated that converting existing energy supplies to clean and renewable sources will inevitably cost households up to 40 percent more on their power bill. He is concerned that few consumers are aware of the spikes in their power bills that will occur over the next ten years due to the cost of green technologies and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. A large part of this electricity cost increase will be due to coal-fired powered stations out