NRMA: Australia needs a chain on EV charging stations, ethanol

NRMA Motoring & Services has just released its Jamison Group report known as A Road Map for Alternative Fuels in Australia: Ending our Dependence on Oil. In this report, the group suggests that Australia must act quickly to reduce its own dependence on foreign oil, which has increased by 30-percent in the last four years alone. The report goes on to suggest that Australia follow the lead of Brazil, the United States and Europe in using alternative fuels such as ethanol along with the adoption of electric vehicles. The specific goals spelled out are a 20-percent reduction in oil use by 2020 which would increase to 30-percent by 2030 and 50-percent by 2050.
In order to meet these goals, the Jamison Group proposes twelve specific steps, including the adoption of electric vehicle charging stations across the continent. Also on the docket would be the planting of high-sugar crops for ethanol and various tax subsidies for both farmers who plant and consumers who purchase alternative vehicles.

Finally, take a look at this quote from NRMA Motoring & Services President Alan Evans: "Even the man responsible for 'killing the electric car', Bob Lutz of General Motors, has admitted that the electrification of the automobile is inevitable." So, now we know. It was Lutz and Lutz alone.

[Source: NRMA]

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