Ronn Motors' Scorpion: 450 horses, 40 miles to the gallon

Hydrogen has been touted as a viable fuel source for decades, and seemingly every day, some new or upcoming hydrogen-powered milestone is reached or discussed. However, in nearly every case, hydrogen is being touted as a standalone fuel source. But what about using pure hydrogen mixed with gasoline to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions?

Ronn Motors, of Texas, has built a car it claims will do does just that. Called the Scorpion, the engine is a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder VTEC from Acura, equipped with two turbos and an intercooler to take it from 280 hp to 450 hp. The turbo'd six is connected to an on-demand hydrogen system that breaks down water molecules and holds them in a non-pressurized tank which doesn't necessitate the need for a hydrogen refueling station. The hydrogen is drawn through the intake manifold and between 30 and 40 percent hydrogen is mixed with the gasoline. As less gas is used, Ronn Motors says the Scorpion can do 40 mpg.

DuPont Registry just named the Scorpion a Publisher's Choice as "one of America's first premium eco-exotics." True, the Tesla might be more eco, but to our eyes the Scorpion (rendering) has got the exotic thing properly nailed. But when can you get one? According to Ronn, the car will be out this fall. And when you want to get it off the lot, the 2,100-pound Scorpion will supposedly take you to 60 in no more than 3.5 seconds. Ronn will probably even throw in a full tank of gas... and water. You'll need to provide the take-home money: $150,000. Click the link to get the full story, and check out the gallery of hi-res images below.

[Source: Ronn Motors]

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