Rendered Speculation: Honda NSX without zebra camouflage

AutoExpress is just as interested in the styling of the next NSX as the rest of us are, so they pressed a digital artist into action to 'chop the shots of the car running on the Nurburgring. What they've come away with isn't nearly as bad as we thought it might be on our last podcast. It still looks like a hotted-up Accord Coupe in some ways, though the lines and proportions are rather classic, and the anti-flamboyance creates a car that wouldn't look ridiculous next to an F430, except for the quad stacked exhaust tips. Of course, all the renderings really do is muddy the waters until we see the actual car, but at least if these images ring true, the NSX won't suck. It won't stand out, either, but who ever bought an Acura to stand out?
[Source: Auto Express, Photo: Larson]

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