Volkswagen Brazil announces the refreshed global Gol

Brazil's best-selling vehicle just got a complete makeover, but just about all we know of it is the picture you see above. The Volkswagen Gol (not Golf) has sold more than five million units in Brazil and an additional million outside. Built over the PQ24 platform, which is shared with the current Polo and Fox, the new Gol now adopts transversally-mounted engines, the same as the ones fitted to the Fox: the 1.0-litre and the 1.6-litre EA-111 VHT, which are both flex-fuel. Rumors say that the signature 1.4 TDI used in Europe could also be fitted to the car, but there's no confirmation of this yet. VW's main target is to make the Gol a low-cost global car, like the Fiat Palio or the Dacia/Renault/Nissan Logan. Expect to see it in South America, Iran, India and Eastern Europe.

[Source: Worldcarfans]

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