Spy Shots: 2010 Honda Ridgeline gets Pilot schnoz

Surprise! Honda's controversially styled Ridgeline truck is about to get the Pilot's controversial snout. First released for the '06 model year, the unibody truck has not seen any real changes to this point and it's high time for a mid-cycle model refresh. Considering that the Pilot and Ridgeline share plenty in common, it's no shocker that Honda would share styling cues between the two vehicles. Also included in the refresh are some oddly-placed dual front foglights, new tail lights and redesigned bumpers front and rear. Not much seems updated in its profile, but some new 18-inch rims have a nice, chunky look to them.
So far, nobody at Honda is talking regarding powertrain updates for the Ridgeline. As we've reported in the past, though, a new diesel V6 engine of undertermined displacement seems very possible for both the Ridgeline and Pilot. With gas prices continuing to rise, Honda's Ridgeline may continue to be a popular option for those who use their trucks only for occasional hauling or towing and don't mind being seen in one ugly mutha trucka.

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

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