2009 Honda Pilot designer says number-crunchers won out

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After reading what Honda R&D Americas Inc. Chief Designer Dave Marek has to say regarding the 2009 redesign of the popular Honda Pilot CUV, we sense that he might not think of the boxy model as his team's best work. We've heard our fair share of comments regarding the new Pilot's design, many of which are less than flattering. It seems as if Marek has heard the same detractors, and he explains away some of the more controversial elements, such as the floating front grille. Marek says of the grille, "[it] was a case of taking something that was on something else... and kind of massaging it to fit. On the mockup, [it] looks good. When you actually manufacture it, oops! That's actually what happened. It's hard to foresee." He follows that statement with, "I think when (the '09) is out on the road, people will appreciate it." Reading between the lines, it sounds like this may be a design of which he's not particularly proud. Thanks for the tip, Robert!

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