Further proof that blue is the new green

Marketing company JWT recently proclaimed that blue would be taking over from green as the new color for the environmental crowd to get behind. Naming trends seem to support this theory, with BlueTec and BlueMotion both highlighting clean diesel technology. Now, DuPont is reporting that the color blue is gaining ground on white, which is currently the most popular shade to order a new car in. One reason that the hue is gaining in popularity is that people reportedly equate the tone with the earth. Yeah, the sky and the ocean are blue, but let's not forget the green grass and trees that make up much of the landscape.

In any case, light shades of blue are proving to be popular choices for the clean appearance that the color adds to whatever vehicle it is applied to. According to Nancy Lockhart, DuPont color designer for North America, "Royal blues will give way to lighter, cleaner and more water-like blues." If this keeps up, we may need to change our name from AutoblogGreen to AutoblogBlue. All right, maybe not.

[Source: DuPont]

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