Automakers not keen on fuel incentives in Europe

Here in the United States, consumers who fill up their fuel tanks are just now beginning to see the type of pain that Europeans have seen at the pump for years. Reactions to the recent rises in gasoline and diesel fuel are pretty much what you would expect, with new car purchasers eschewing gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient models left and right. Even manufacturers have gotten into the game, offering low cost fuel for up to three years in Chrysler's case, or giving gasoline away for free for a few months, as Suzuki has done.
These same manufacturers, though, are not planning on such tactics in Europe, where the trend has been towards smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles for a long time now. Only Kia is considering fuel incentives at all, according to Auto Express. Even here in the states, the cheap gas ploy has seen decidedly underwhelming response, so we don't expect to see many manufacturers opt for this type of incentive much in the future. Just building more fuel efficient cars in the first place seems to make much sense, wouldn't you say?

[Source: Auto Express]

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