Chrysler explains details of the $2.99 gas price guarantee

Following Chrysler's new "Let's Refuel America Gas Card" announcement, the critics spoke out quickly. While a guaranteed gas price of $2.99 a gallon for three years will certainly appeal to some people, other incentives might offer buyers better savings. To deal with the media fallout and to clarify a few questions about the card, Chrysler's media-only blog, The Firehouse, has tackled the topic with a post discussing the deal and the media coverage.
Stuart Schorr, the senior manager of sales for Mopar and Dealer Communications, wrote that there have been hundreds, possibly thousands, of stories about the incentive around the country (three of these videos are available after the jump). A TV station in Wisconsin calculated possible gas card savings to the customer of $8,760. Of course, they used gas prices of $6.65 a gallon to get that number. Also, Chrysler will be sending out official "Let's Refuel America" banners to dealerships in the coming days. Schorr also provided a list of ten questions (and answers) they've been hearing about the gas card, including one we've heard from our readers about what other incentives, if any, are available to people who sign up for the card. Check them out after the jump.

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Q: How do you figure out the gallons on the card?
A: Take average MPG of any vehicle, divide into 12,000 miles and you get an annual allocation of gallons of fuel, for each of three years. For Example: Dodge Caliber, 24 MPG average. The customer's card is allocated 500 gallons of unleaded fuel for each of three years. Total value is 1,500 gallons of gas x (price of gas - $2.99).

Q: Heavy Duty Ram trucks do not have a MPG on the sticker Price?
A: We are using 15 MPG for all Ram's HD and LD. That equals 800 gallons of fuel per year at $2.99. That's a lot of diesel dollars.

Q: How do I get charged? What about the receipt I get at the station?
A: While the gas price on the pump and on the customers' reciept at the time of the transaction will show the actual gas price at that time, the customer credit card account is actually billed only $2.99 a gallon for their gas purchases and Chrysler picks up the difference. Regardless of the actual dollar figure shown on the reciept and the pump at the time of purchase the customer will only be charged at $2.99 per gallon. The customer's Let's Refuel America card must be connected to an active Visa or MasterCard credit card account.

Q: How do you keep the card from being used on other vehicles?
A: The card can be used for any vehicle as long as the fuel purchased is the fuel specified for the purchased vehicle.

Q: Are there specific filling stations you have to go to in order to get the $2.99/gallon price?
A: It is good at 97% of stations across the country.

Q: Is diesel fuel also $2.99 a gallon?
A: The purchased vehicle has a recommended fuel: Unleaded 87, E85 or Diesel. The card can only be used for that specific kind of fuel, and yes the cost will be $2.99 for diesel. If you use a card for purchase of a different kind of fuel than is specified for the purchased vehicle, there are additional charges.

Q: Is it only Trucks and SUVs?
A: No it is for the full line, starting with Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot and Dodge Caliber and minivans up to Dodge Ram pickup trucks. In fact in terms of incremental value compared to previous incentives, the greatest increase in value is with our smallest, most fuel efficient vehicles. Vehicles excluded include Viper, Challenger, all SRT models, Dodge Sprinter, Jeep Wrangler and Ram Chassis Cab.

Q: What happens if I sell my car?
A: While the card is linked specifically to the purchase of an specific vehicle, the card then can be used by the customer for any vehicle and is not effected by the status of the original vehicle.

Q: I understand this offer is in lieu of other incentives. Explain?
A: Customer has a choice of three basic options: Cashback incentive; lowered APR financing; or the Gas Program. On certain vehicles, like the Dodge Ram, the Gas Program option includes additional bonus cash. For example:
Dodge Grand Caravan customers have a choice of $2,500 cash incentive; 0% financing for qualified buyers; or the three year gas program including $500 cash. Caravan gets 19 MPG for a three year total of 1,895 gallons of fuel at $2.99.

[Source: The Firehouse]

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