If you see something, say something about electric car hucksters

Remember the WIRED article exposing the, let's say, odd things that have happened at electric car company Zap? EDN's technical editor, Paul Rako, has written an article saying that EV hucksterism needs to be everybody's business. Basically, he writes, don't buy the hype. "When unknown hucksters start peddling their BS it is time to take a deep breath and hope sanity prevails," he said. Rako singles out John Goodwin, who's creating Neil Young's LincVolt, as the best example of EV hucksterism. Really, more so than Michael Papp, who was actually arrested for his scam?

We certainly like to hear about new cars and technologies here on AutoblogGreen, and we do try to take that deep breath (and not just when we log into our Skype accounts), so I agree with Rako. Still, I'd take him a lot more seriously, if he hadn't called Neil Young a "former heroin addict." Whatever. Young also wrote some of the best songs ever, but what does all this have to do with anything?

[Source: EDN via EVWorld]

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