Neil Young goes for a test ride in his new 1959 Lincoln electric hybrid, almost crashes.

From time to time we get questions about the status of Neil Young's Linc-Volt project, the transformation, nay, transmogrification of the rock icon's gas guzzling '59 Lincoln Continental into a sweet serial-electric hybrid by John Goodwin. There have been a few teasers and the odd announcement made but now, thanks to shoe-leather reporting by The Wichita Eagle, we are happy to disclose to you that the Linc Volt lives! Though not completed, Young and Goodwin were able to take it for a successful 12 mile spin under, what sounds like, electric power. Young described the car as quiet and powerful, though apparently as there is no accelerator pedal or power steering yet, and Goodwin was applying the juice via a knob located somewhere in the back seat, the short trip almost ended in disaster. As they approached an entrance ramp, the knob was twisted the wrong way and they found themselves hurtling toward the backside of another vehicle. Fortunately, Neil still has good reflexes and he reached over with his foot from the passenger side to stomp down hard on the brake. Disaster averted.

No completion date was mentioned in the article or accompanying video but hopefully it will be finished soon. The pair are planning on making a road trip to Washington, DC and across California as part of a promotional tour. The trip should generate lots of press as well as footage for a documentary being filmed about the project. It will also give Goodwin the chance to actually listen to Neil Young's music, which he admits, he still hasn't heard. It will also give the oddball pair an opportunity to discuss future plans to extend the scope of their venture.

[Source: The Wichita Eagle]

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