BMW to add further features, complications, to iDrive

These days, technology and customization go hand-in-hand. Laptop computers and MP3 players now come in a rainbow of colors and your computer's operating system can be made to suit your unique preferences. BMW has big plans in store for its oft-criticized iDrive system which would make it and the vehicle in which it's installed extremely customizable as well. Simple choices such as color schemes and screensavers for the iDrive's graphical user interface pale in comparison to the ability to adjust transmission shift points and engine boost levels in an effort to either increase fuel economy or improve overall performance. Multiple users will be able to make their own adjustments and save their settings and the car will know the driver based on which key fob is in close proximity.

There are way too many new features planned for iDrive than there is space in this post to display them. For the complete and exhaustive rundown, click here. Thankfully, changes will be accessible from a web-enabled computer, which should simplify the in-car user interface somewhat. Rest assured, though, BMW's iDrive, already overcomplicated in the opinion of many, won't be disappearing from its dash-mounted perch anytime soon. Thanks for the tip, gear_shift!

[Source: BimmerFile]

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