GM to debut HCCI on Opel Insignia?

Click on the HCCI equipped Opel Vectra for a high-res gallery
There are rumors floating around the interwebs today regarding the Opel Insignia being the first official product from General Motors using its highly-efficient homegeneous charge compression ignition, or HCCI for short. We can't confirm these rumors at this point, as GM has made no official announcements at all regarding the future of its HCCI engines. We do, however, know that engineers in crisp white lab coats are currently hard at work perfecting the technology. Therefore, we'd expect their efforts to bear fruit sooner or later. Exactly what vehicle the HCCI engine will first appear in, though, remains a mystery.

While we're on the subject of the HCCI engine, why not go ahead and peruse our explanation of how the technology works. GM's FYI blog also has a bit of a primer on the technology that may be worth a look too. Because an HCCI engine can provide a fifteen percent boost in fuel economy to go along with reduced emissions, we're rather excited about the prospect of seeing this technology in production as soon as possible.

[Source: Motor Authority and Auto Express, thanks for the tip, gmcbob]

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