GM's FYI Blog introduces HCCI technology

If you happen to listen to the AutoblogGreen podcast, you already know how we feel about the potential of HCCI engine technology. If you don't listen to our podcast, (first of all, why not?) you can learn about the new engine type in our entire category dedicated to HCCI. Being that this is a new technology, not much is filed away under that HCCI tag though, so you might be wondering what all of the fuss is about. If that's the case, consider heading over to GM's FYI blog where they have a primer on HCCI and the benefits that are possible with it. [Editor's note: let's not forget AutoblogGreen's own HCCI primer]

Here is a taste of what the technology can do for you: "With Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition, a variety of advanced engine technologies combine to allow for lower temperature fuel burning, which is more complete and more efficient and cuts vehicle emissions. It also cuts the amount of heat energy that is lost with traditional combustion. HCCI creates the same level of power as a traditional engine system, but it uses less fuel to create that power."

Interested now? You should be. Follow the progress that GM and the other automakers make on HCCI engines here at AutoblogGreen.

[Source: GM's FYI Blog]

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