Tango your way to 60 miles per gallon

I was passing by my local scooter store the other day when I caught a glimpse of what looked like a small three-wheeled road-going vehicle. Since traffic was demanding my attention I didn't get a good look and thought it might be a Cree, an electric three-wheeler from Switzerland, but then I remembered they weren't being produced yet. Puzzled, I gave the store a ring and made an inquiry and they were only too happy to give me the details which I will now share with you.

This, my friends, is a Tango by RTM. Powered by a 190cc 4-stroke gas engine, it is not to be confused with that other Tango by Commuter Cars that has four wheels, a safety cage and is battery powered (and really expensive), while our buddy pictured above is a wheel and a safety cage short. While probably not for everyone, it does have the distinct advantage of getting 60 miles to a gallon of gas and sports a price tag of about $7,000. Unlike an electric three-wheeler we recently told you about, this buggy is not built for speed as it only does 50 mph. It does have a nice little trunk though and would definitely help you haul some groceries home. Check out their website for more details.

[Source: Tango Trikes]

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