EV startup of the day: Commuter Cars does the Tango

Sometimes it seems like we write about another EV startup company every day here on AutoblogGreen. And yet we apparently can't keep up with all of them. Just yesterday, the day we featured the Evette, AutoblogGreen reader Chris Nelson reminded us about Commuter Cars, the maker of the Tango. We've mentioned the Tango once here, noting that George Clooney owns one. But the tiny Tango deserves another look. In some aspects, it's got what the Tesla Roadster's got (zero tailpipe emissions, zero to 60 in 4 seconds), but in a lot of ways it's a vastly different car (take a look at the size for the most obvious difference). The Tango looks like an enclosed motorcycle, and Commuter Cars is more than willing to promote that association. The company suggests lane splitting in the Tango as a way to get through traffic jams, and the company website links to a California government FAQ that says lane splitting is indeed legal (when you're on a motorcycle). Any other small EV companies out there we've missed?

[Source: Commuter Cars, hat tip to Chris Nelson]

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