Haute couture meets car: Life Ball Mini by Agent Provocateur

We're quite used to seeing the Mini used as an "art" icon, whether it's covered with cow skin or drifting over water. Now it's time for underwear design company "Agent Provocateur" to show us theirs - as in a customized Mini Clubman dressed as a very special police car. Let's check their description, because I don't dare say anything more: "Agent Provocateur designed the new Life Ball Mini as a police vehicle: black, accentuated with the typical Pink contrast Strip and the logo of Agent Provocateur. The roof is painted as a fence, crowned by a police typical 'blue light'. The rear windows are also inspired by prison bars." Not to mention that the inside is full leather, making it a "luxurious and wasteful act."

Nevertheless, this Mini is being used for fundraising, other Life Ball models transformed by fashion designers such as Missoni, Versace or Ferré have raised about € 260,000 for AIDS relief. Interested? You can participate at Austria's Ebay website from June 5th to 15th.

[Source: Mini]

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