The Pet Mini: A Mini dressed in leather

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Ok... When we speak about using natural materials to make cars, using cow leather is not the first thing we think about. Still, Mini Switzerland has created a Mini model with panels that are covered with cow skin. Really, it's from the Normande race.

The car will be shown in Zurich-Oerlicon's upcoming New Spaces exhibition, together with a Le Corbusier Chaise Longue. They have also nicknamed the car The Pet Mini. The idea, who belongs to Switzerland Mini Director of Communications Claudine Hatebur de Calderón, was to create a piece of art that visitors would also like to touch and caress.

Bisazza, an Italian design company is signing the artwork, which is made from five pieces of leather. The authors claim that the most difficult part was making "the round shapes of the leather fit with the angles of the car."

[Source: Mini Switzerland]

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