Doing it again: A Mini is becoming a piece of art

I thought I had seen everything after covering a Mini with cow skin or one rafting over water. However, they do say "Never say never again," don't they? Such is the case of this Clubman, which was painted by Robert Combas, nicknamed "The free figuration artist." The car was painted for the 34th edition of Paris FIAC (Foire d'Art Contemporain, Contemporary Art Fair). The car will be displayed at the fair as one of the artwork pieces available.

Just to recall Art 101 class, let's read Mini's introduction to Mr. Combas's artwork: "Co-createor of the Free Figuration Movement, Robert Combas's painting is made up from liberties. This artwork, which has more than 1000 possible visions, reflects perfectly the decaled image of a Mini Clubman, which, at the same time, dares for the impossible, noteworthly with the non-symmetrical concept of the Clubdoor or its almost infinite personalisations, unique in the world of the automobile." We'll never read that again.

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[Source: Mini France]

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