Land Rover 6x4 Puma Concept not one to mess with

The Land Rover Defender is already a pretty badass vehicle. So how do you make a no-frills, no-nonsense off-roader even more badass? Why, add more wheels, of course! That's the approach taken by Land Rover Malaysia and Sasbilt Technologies Malaysia, which together built the behemoth you see above. While we've seen more than our fair share of stretched Range Rovers and Hummers, this concept truck actually has a purpose beyond prom night.

Targeted towards military applications, the Defender 6x4 Puma features an extra-long wheelbase that not even the jungle camo could disguise. The increased cargo capacity can be used for an electric generator or field telecommunications equipment, and the vehicle can drive through all six wheels or through just four. Unveiled at the Defense Services Asia 2008 show in Malaysia, the concept truck reportedly drew attention from military contractors from around the region.


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