Dragon Power Station makes electricity from traffic

There seems no end to the different ways one can generate pollution-free electricity but we try to cover them all. From the not-so-ready-for-prime-time free-energy devices and solar paint to the most current statements in piezing dresses. (Get it? Current? Electricity? Dresses? Ok, nevermind.) We've even looked at the possibilities of roads before but this time we're not talking solar or wind, we're talking kinetics.

Terry Kenney had a dream one night about a device in the road that would harvest the energy from the vehicles driving over it. It took eight years of work and perseverance to bring it to the light of day but using parts sourced from all over the world and a cooperative customer in the form of Port of Oakland terminal operator, SSA, his clean electricity-making "Dragon Power Station" is fait accompli. According to an article at New American Media, as trucks pass over plates embedded in the asphalt "they compress a tank of hydraulic fluid under the road, which in turn creates a series of pumping actions that turns a generator to produce electricity." By next month Kenney expects it to produce 5,000 to 7,000 kilowatt-hours every day. That's enough to power 1,750 homes! The story is not going to end there either. The "Dragon" is being installed in some other prime locations and Kenney has deals-a-plenty on the horizon. Click on "Read" for the entire heartwarming story.

[Source: New American Media]

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