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They also monitor traffic, measure air quality and provide free wifi.

EnGoPlanet is providing Sin City with LED street lights powered by the sun and pedestrians' footsteps.

As a civilization, we're a pretty wasteful bunch. We aren't just talking about the number of uneaten chicken McNuggets disposed of every day, either. We allow untold volumes of kinetic energy to go sailing out into the ether; energy we could use to power any number of electricity-grubbing objects in our lives. New Energy Technology aims to change that, at least when it comes to speed bumps. The company recently tested its MotionPower Express system in Roanoke, Virginia. As a vehicle passes over

Up to this point, most Formula One race teams have maintained their usual veil of secrecy on what's inside their new cars. The Red Bull team has produced an interesting computer generated animation video that gives a little peak inside the new RB5 car that they are running for 2009. The most interesting aspect is the new KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) hybrid drive. Red Bull is one of the teams opting for an electric hybrid system. For 2009, teams are allowed to use KERS for the first time

Ferrari reportedly tested at least three different kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) configurations on its Formula One cars during 2008 and was dissatisfied with all of them. The most unusual setup involved mounting the batteries in the nose of the car. From a weight distribution standpoint, this was considered the most desirable approach. Unfortunately, this layout caused problems and required running the high voltage wires alongside the cockpit. The front-mounted battery also caused issues

Some designers engage in strange practices to gain inspiration for their next big creation, but the creative types at the Bavarian Motor Werks had to have some serious... bearings to whip up its newest ode to "kinetics." After the jump is video of 714 metallic spheres that appear to be floating in mid-air in the new BMW museum. The display is pretty wild and we have no idea how it was done, but it's worth taking a look at. You may want to supply your own tunes though, as three-minutes of elevato

There seems no end to the different ways one can generate pollution-free electricity but we try to cover them all. From the not-so-ready-for-prime-time free-energy devices and solar paint to the most current statements in piezing dresses. (Get it? Current? Electricity? Dresses? Ok, nevermind.) We've even looked at the possibilities of roads before but this time we're not talking solar or wind, we're talking kinetics.

Motorcycle, scooter and moped manufacturers in India are worried. Since Tata announced their ultra-cheap Nano, the two-wheeled industry is abuzz with worry that the populace will quickly abandon their old single-track vehicles for the safety and convenience of a four-wheeler if the price points get too close. This is a rational concern, and it is exactly why Tata's created the Nano in the first place.

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