A kinetic energy generator ... what uses can you come up with?

The idea of capturing the energy of vibrations and storing it is not new, but here is another attempt at the idea, courtesy of Gizmag. Dr Steve Beeby and his team at the University of Southampton have created this version of the kinetic energy generator. The last time we discussed this idea, it was mentioned that perhaps a device like this could be used on a vehicle; it would take many of them to generate any meaningful electrical power. This version has many possible uses, some of them cited in our source article. As far as transportation goes, they mention wireless monitoring of mechanical devices like wheel bearings. Another possibility would be mounting them on roadways or bridges, which vibrate when vehicles pass by. This could potentially create the electricity during the day to light the roadway at night. Time will tell if technology like this will compete with solar and wind as possible wireless sources of power in mainstream life.
[Source: Gizmag]

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