It's the Governator vs. Bush on global warming rules

Photo taken by Jim Greenhill in Oct. 2007. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Well, The Register's Cade Metz certainly isn't mincing words. In an article on how a dozen governors have written a letter to President Bush to complain about how the DOT is working against the states' efforts to curb greenhouse gas emission, Metz opens with the line, "The Governator thinks W is useless when it comes to regulating stuff spewed into the atmosphere by American cars and trucks." OK then.

The governors' letter is the result of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration new proposal for upped CAFE standards of 35.7mpg for cars and 26.7mpg for trucks by 2015. Apparenty, Metz writes, on page 375 of the 417-page proposal, there is a part about how the NHTSA's rules would win out over state rules. The chair of the California Air Resources Board said this language is "a buried time bomb ticking away, and aimed directly at the heart of the nation's efforts to control our contributions to global warming." We'll see how this plays out.

[Source: The Register]

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