European Biodiesel Board files unfair competition complaint against U.S.

The lawsuits and complaints in the green car industry are flying about non-stop these days. Porsche vs. London. Tesla vs. Fisker. Michael Papp's troubles. State-based emissions and fuel economy regulations in the U.S. Here's yet another to add to the list: The European Biodiesel Board (EBB) vs. American biodiesel producers.

According to the Northern Echo, the EBB has filed a complaint with the European Commission that claims that U.S. biodiesel poses unfair competition to inter-EU producers and asked for duties to be paid on imports of B99. The problem, the EBB says, is that American producers get U.S. subsidies when they make the biofuel and then also get European subsidies when they export it to Europe. In the Northern Echo's example, U.S. biodiesel is sold for half as much as domestic biodiesel in the UK.

[Source: Northern Echo]

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