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The fourth annual Green Grand Prix takes place next weekend in Watkins Glen in upstate New York. AutoblogGreen received a few photos taken at the 2007 Green Grand Prix that we'd like to share. Looks like some of our old friends were a the race last year, along with some vehicles we'd like to learn more about. Each photo in our gallery below has a caption that describes what you see in the image, but let's just point out that we have here a wood-powered Isuzu Trooper, a 1933 Ford pickup that burns propane and a flex-fuel Ford Escape hybrid. There's also a nice shot of our friend Jory Squibb's Moonbeam. The Green Grand Prix is the only official SCCA Time-Speed-Distance Road Rally for alternate fueled vehicles and hybrids in the United States and takes place on May 3. There's more information in our original post on the race.

  • This picture shows Watkins Glen Mayor Judy Phillips giving the green flag to a Flex-Fuel powered Ford Escape hybrid
  • This is Robert "CHIP" Beam's amazing Isuzu Trooper wood-powered S.U.V. shown in the 2007 event.
  • On the left is John Cadwallader's 1933 Ford pickup with it's original flathead V-8 engine converted to burn propane..On the right is Jory Squibb's 100mpg "MOONBEAM" 3 wheeler.

[Source: Ericho Communications]

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