"A gallon of gas is a miracle," says Jory Squibb. Unlike most of the other participants at the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica this weekend, Squibb embraced standard petroleum fuel for his latest project. But, with his long history of making environmentally safe cars, he radically rethought what a car needs to be. The result is the Moonbeam, a microcar made from Honda Elite 150 scooters, one in the rear and two in the front of the dome-shaped car. The scooters and the rest of the material cost him about $2,500. The rest of the cost: about 1,000 hours of work.

Squibb originally considered driving the Moonbeam from Maine to California, but ended up towing it behind his Camry. While he's happy with the car now, the long nights in the garage are not necessarily over. Squibb said that, if battery technology continues to improve the way it has recently, he may convert the Moonbeam to lithium ion batteries in a few years.

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Lastly, a question for AutoblogGreen readers who pay attention to details : does the location of the video above look familiar at all?

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