Rumormill: LR developing V12 Range Rover?

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The market is becoming flooded with high-end luxury (and high-powered) sport-utilities from the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, but in many books the Range Rover is still tops. The next-generation model is anticipated to head into Bentley territory, but Land Rover's flagship SUV could head up-market even before then.

A test mule of a hot-rodded Range Rover has been spotted undergoing tests, and reports suggest that the vehicle could be hiding a V12 engine underhood. While the vehicle spotted could be an early prototype for the current model's replacement, the possibility remains that the new masters at Tata have already given the green light for a twelve-cylinder version of the existing truck. Either way, the big question is where Land Rover would get a V12. It's doubtful that they'd develop one themselves. BMW designed the current Range Rover to accommodate its V12, but Land Rover stopped using BMW engines a few years ago in favor of Ford-sourced Jaguar units. Jaguar, meanwhile, doesn't make V12s anymore, and even if Ford wanted to kick one in for them, the Blue Oval doesn't have one lying around the parts bin, either. Unless they've been hiding one in the miniscule Nano, the company's new owners at Tata don't have one to offer. The closest relation could be Aston Martin, with which Land Rover used to share space under the Ford PAG umbrella, but that seems a bit of a stretch. With the rumormill churning this fast, who knows, maybe Pontiac will be thrown into the mix?

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