Miles ZX40ST Work Truck introduced in Sacramento today

It's been a month since we last wrote about Miles Automotive. Most of our recent coverage of the electric car company has revolved around the sounds-too-good-too-be-true XS500, a highway speed all-electric sedan that is - supposedly - about a year away. Now we have something new from Miles to write about. The 2008 Production Model MILES ZX40ST Work Truck, which was introduced today at the Green California Summit in Sacramento.

The ZX40ST (boy, that rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) is a low speed electric vehicle (25 mph top speed) that uses six lead acid batteries (rated for 25,000 miles) and a brushless AC motor to go 50-60 miles per charge. It takes 4-6 hours to charge from 50 percent to full from a standard home outlet (so, I'll assume it takes about double that to charge from near empty?). Watch out, pedestrians, as this little guy can scoot from 0-20 mph in five seconds. These may not be spectacular numbers, but for what a vehicle like this is supposed to do, I'd say they're quite sufficient. Miles has announced that it is making 200 ZX40STs a month and is sold out through June. The truck costs $18,400.
The truck will be on display at the Sacramento Convention Center through tomorrow. See more after the break.

Press Release:

2008 Production Model MILES ZX40ST Work Truck to be Introduced at the Green California Summit in Sacramento

Sacramento, Calif., April 7, 2008 – The highly anticipated, zero emissions, AC motor MILES ZX40ST work truck will be showcased publicly for the first time at the Green California Summit at the Sacramento Convention Center April 8-9.

"We're pleased to partner with the Green California Summit as a Gold Sponsor and show the production AC motor ZX40ST for the first time publicly," said Miles Electric Vehicles COO, Jeff Boyd. "We believe that as the only truly affordable, light duty, all electric LSV truck on the market, the ZX40ST fills a product gap and also performs on par with its gas powered counterparts," Boyd said.

The MILES ZX40ST, which functions especially well in a fleet environment, is already in high demand with many units pre-sold to university and municipal fleet users throughout the country. Even with a production rate of 200 units per month, the ZX40ST is on backorder until June. With a newly structured sales force that spans the country, the ZX40ST and other MILES vehicles are now available for demonstration nationwide upon request. The base MSRP for the MILES ZX40ST is $18,400, and can be seen on the web at

As a Gold Sponsor, Miles Electric Vehicles will also be presenting in the Sponsor Showcase Gallery at the Green California Summit on Tuesday, April 8. Jeff Boyd will be giving a presentation covering environmental issues and how the MILES line of all electric, zero emissions vehicles can lower your carbon footprint. MILES currently markets two low speed, AC motor, all electric vehicles: the ZX40ST work truck and the ZX40S Advanced Design car.

Founded in 2005 by activist/entrepreneur Miles Rubin and headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Miles Electric Vehicles is dedicated to changing the world one car at a time. The company is now successfully marketing a line of low speed, all electric cars and trucks, which combine the best of U.S. electric motor and controller technology with China's advanced battery and vehicle manufacturing capabilities. All MILES vehicles conform to US NHTSA standards and are manufactured with safety and ease of use as prime considerations. To date the company has built a prestigious fleet customer base that includes the City of Chicago, NASA, UCLA, Cal State Polytechnic University, the U.S. Navy, and others. MILES is currently developing a safe, affordable highway speed, all electric vehicle for distribution in the U.S. and EU in late 2009.

[Source: Miles EV]

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