Survey: Bring back Oldsmobile, Studebaker

Brand revival has become a hot trend in the automotive industry, but while European marques like MINI, Maybach, Bugatti and Spyker have returned to the limelight, American automakers have yet to climb on board. According to this Brandjunkie survey conducted by Interbrand's website, the public most wants to see the retired American auto marques Oldsmobile and Studebaker revived. The gone-but-not-forgotten car brands follow names like Pan Am and Atari on the list, which also happened to include the retired Chrysler division Plymouth.
Elsewhere in the survey, respondents answered that BMW would make a great dinner party guest; Ford and Toyota have made a significant impact on the course of history; GM and Ford deserve a good tongue lashing in an argument; BMW, Toyota, Mercedes or Volkswagen would be good brands to be if one could be a brand; BMW, Mercedes and Toyota inspire people; GM, BMW and Mercedes need to be rebranded; and Toyota, Honda, GM and BMW are truly "green" brands. Outside the auto industry, Apple is apparently the best brand ever created, as it nabbed the No. 1 survey spot in most questions.

[Source: via NYTimes Wheels]

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