Forbes: How to drive green without buying a new car

I think that most of us want to make a difference and save some pollution to our planet. The problem comes when we look inside our wallets and we realize that we can't really buy a car now. While tips on green driving aren't a new thing here at AutoblogGreen, it's always a good thing to have a list. Sometimes, we can even learn a thing or two:
  1. Be light on the gas and gentle on the brake.
  2. Don't accelerate too much at speeds between 55 and 75 mph.
  3. Choose the right oil. Only products marked with the symbol "ECII" by the American Society of Testing Materials is guaranteed to be energy-conserving (remember to check for the right viscosity).
  4. Lose some weight in your car: get rid of all that unnecessary clutter in your trunk. Forbes even quotes our own Sebastian Blanco about keeping the gas tank half full.
  5. If you feel geeky and have some pocket money, buy a Scangauge, which is plugged into the On-Board Diagnostic port and keeps track of your car's fuel usage (keep this in mind, though).
  6. Make your car more aerodynamic - Nope, don't buy that spoiler, just remove your ski or other roof rack. Something people in my area tend to ignore because it shows a certain status.
  7. Replace/keep clean air filters.
  8. Keep the car's wheels aligned.
  9. Keep tires properly inflated.
  10. Keep the engine tuned-up so a malfunction of the injection (or maybe even carburettor) won't harm your car's performance and emissions.
[Source: Forbes]

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