Forget your SUV's depressing MPG meter

First came the admission:

I never realized that I average 10 mpg. even if I barely touch the gas to get up to speed slowly It drops to around 4 to 6 mpg. cruise control will hold me steady at 12 on a flat road at 60mph. I always thought it was at least around 16. Building taller, flatter, wider, and heavier really takes a toll.

This was from a user of the FJ Cruiser Forums, who said that a recently-installed Scanguage II was making him (or her) realize just what a beast s/he was driving. This post elicited all sorts of similar tales (He was not even getting 10 mpg around town and he was MAD!! and I thought it was a problem with the Scangauge but I get the same!). Then the discussion mostly shifted to how to get the Scanguage to work correctly (seems it's a bit of a trouble to have it register things) and finally, someone suggested to just forget the new-fangled device and calculate mileage the old fashioned way: count up the gallons going into the tank and the miles driven. A little division and you're on your way. Bonus: they make fun of the AeroCivic.

[Source: FJ Cruiser Forums via Treehugger]

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